Santorini and my lovely sister


Again work and summer blew me away. It has not been so summery for weeks and got cold so suddenly that i instantly got sinusitis. Yeah, I am so lucky, unfortunately it is difficult to paint while you have sinusitis. Though sometimes the smell of oil colours can make your airways pretty wide or even too wide. 😀 Who paints, understands me, the scent can be overwhelming – at least to me it is.

Anyway today I can introduce you my sister, who is dance teacher and accomplished bellydancer. She ordered painting from me for her birthday. To me the steps to the final dark piece were better than the outcome, but what the heck, I can always draw her again! And again unfortunately I have poor quality pictures of it, I will upload good ones at the end of the week. But here they are.



I want to believe i captured the knowledge, mystique, grace and fire that she has inside her.


Today is also the lucky day to show you the first step of my Santorini painting. It has only one layer, I believe only the sky is ready. Everything else is very raw – I havent even painted reflections and shadows correctly. So please be kind to me. And if you scroll down (you will find another post about Santorini) you see that cats, flowers, people and furniture is still to be painted on the maginificent canvas of mine.


The floating purple thing is not weird fish or flying carpet, it will form into one purplesque (I feel so empowered by the mystique of my sister that now i want to write and make up the -que words). 

This summer will be amazing! My vacation starts tomorrow! I will gather lots of inspiration from traveling and being active.

Be cool and let your hearts be warm!


Spring=sugar rush?

apple tree blossom


So I post this little order I selfishly named “Sugar rush”. I have no idea whats in that jar actually, I want to believe it is sugar. Spring is marvellous time, the air is full of flower scents and it is all oh so sweet like sugar. The feeling that spring can bring also is somewhat sugary –  increase in motivation, activity, happiness and love and so on. Dont you think?

(I also photographed these blossoms above)

Sugar rush

Have a nice warm summery weekend.


Heads ups and tutorials!

Amazing autumn oil painting overhere!

Sorry for not posting for a month. Summer weather carried me away to do other activities on my free time. Now it is rainy autumnly weather again and i feel like painting.

Is it odd that sometimes the best motivator for painting is little sadness or other negative emotions. Also very happy feelings can do the work, but I personally then want to do alot of physical activities like hiking and cycling. And I have not had opportunities to paint outdoors while I move around, will do that in july! Anyway the point is that strong emotions are needed for painting and I have not had any of these for 3 weeks. I guess there has been some kind of balance in my life.  So motivation comes from odd places!

In my Printerest account I pin wonderful motivating pictures that I find in the internet and one of them has became really a hit. Link above! I plan to do one really yellow autumn painting based on one photo i took this autumn in the near future.

Actually 3 weeks ago I finished painting of a little boy and I will post it up here later. I also have done lots of roses and I usually use the one angle brush and stroke thing (  – it is really easy), but this time I did it differently, but i was still pleased with it. Again, later I will post the picture.

See you later!

Summer dreams



Last weekend when the summerlike weather was here I just took the brush and oilcolors i like and painted the clouds that were in the sky and dremt about summer fields and flowers. It is still in progress.

This is available when it is ready.

I also have 2 orders in progress, one kid and one wedding flag. At the moment I can show you this kid. It is also in progress. So if anyone wants to challenge me to do smth for them, then let me know!

I would call this photo “Something sweet”


I plan to end these projects with this week (fingers crossed), because I can´t wait to get my hands on the Greece themed painting.

Have a warm evening!

Santorini, Greece


I have always had the dream to go to Santorini and I think it will be in my travel plans in 2015. And it is not due to the movie “Sisterhood of traveling pants”, it is one movie I watched to see Greece..or Santorini. I do not remember if they were on Santorini or not..does not matter.

Until I travel myself I have to imagine it, so I have an image of this morning breakfast or evening tea/coffee-time in my head. So here is my sketch of it and I plan to do it very colourful. With sunrise or sunset.. I have not decided yet. I let the colours to decide. And the black spot on the right are cats and the weid tangling things here and there will be flowers. I like to think through when i sketch, but it all might take completelyl different look when I start painitng. 🙂



Meet Bella!

Hello! So I have made this drawing as a present to someone and now as I have gave it over I can show this. This is their dog, german shepherd called Bella. I am not entirely sure what I did with Faber-Castell aquarelle colour pencils was pretty. Anyway these are one of the the best pencils for such job for sure. They are very vivid and it is easy to layer one colour on another. They blend and mix very well and colours wont go dirty. The dog is made with Cretacolor Monolith 4B and charcoal pencil stiffness (not sure how to say it?) 2 by Austria. And one pencil that i bought from Cenacolo Vinciano in Milan. I must say this is more of a good luck charm when i draw with it, its stiffeness is 2B and it is very good pencil. Though as it seems I must visit Milan to buy more soon. 😀 Image And little bits and bites from zooming.. ImageImageImageImageImageImage Have a nice weekend!

Challenge accepted!


My recent blog-share in Facebook has had some effect on what I draw. I got some new orders and thats why I have done some sketches. I can´t show you full sketches, because some of them are gifts and thats why I have cut out some parts of them to show you. Image


As you can see I have done lots of flowers. I am not big flower-drawer, have done only few before I think. So they look really, even more that others, amateurish. So I will be the “Best flower-drawer in the world” soon and will say it with such pride and closeminded or blinded way as did Karlsson from the children story “Karlsson from the Roof” say that he is the best cock drawer int he world! 😀



And some 5 years ago I did some very fast sketch of my nephew napping, because he did look so adorable. He was 5 then. Years have passed oh so fast… (yeah sometimes I sound like old lady..drawing flowers, babys and cats and stuff..).


Have a nice weekend to you all!

And I must say I love the challenges that recent very little fame has given me!


Alice in wonderland


So I thought I ´ll show you how my very first silk painting about “Alice in wonderland” came out. It did not came out as i would like and thats why its off the frame and has been folded in my drawer. Maybe I should iron it? Does anyone want it?


And another picture of the artistic skirt I made from Burda edition 05/2002. Picture of the original –    I am pretty pleased with it, looks better on me. So if anyone wants tutorials or smth then let me know. I can show you in sketch and comments how it is easy to sew such skirt. Spring is in my closet now and I hope soon on the streets too!


And I have 3 art projects in progress, I hope I can post some of it next week.

Have a nice beginning of the spring!